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Fuzhou Jing’An Rubber Products Co., Ltd.
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Fuzhou Jing’an Technology Co., Ltd.s located in Fuwan area ,Jinshan Industrial Zone of Fuzhou. The company was established in 1991, covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters,and it is an enterprise specialized in research and development,production and sales of precision rubber products . Its products cover military industry, aerospace, electronic semiconductor, optical communication, environmental protection and other fields. In 2002, it successfully passed ISO9001 quality system certification ;in 2017, the company was shortlisted for the record of military products, which is a civil military integration enterprise.


The company strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system standards and general quality requirements for semiconductor optical communications. It has established relatively complete quality control procedures from raw materials, production process control, and finished product inspection and delivery.


The corporate standards of our products have been filed and released through the public service platform of the National Standardization Management Committee. Related products have been supplied to many well-known environmental protection companies. Related products have passed EU REACH, ROHS, FDA and other certifications.

Fuzhou Jing’An Rubber Products Co., Ltd.


Decades of rich experience and driving ability in entrepreneurship and continuous operation have established a stable, efficient and standardized management system. The establishment of the entire industry chain highlights the clear positioning of the company's business development strategy. Advanced automatic production equipment, technology and mature craftsmanship, strict quality control, and rich experience and capabilities in product processing and manufacturing ensure that we can provide customers with high-quality products.

Fuzhou Jing’An Rubber Products Co., Ltd.



We strive to create value for life, establish a responsible and trustworthy corporate image, and become a responsible company.

Fuzhou Jing’An Rubber Products Co., Ltd.



On the basis of discovering and grasping the needs of potential customers, we constantly create new market demands.

Fuzhou Jing’An Rubber Products Co., Ltd.



Regard quality as life, pay close attention to product quality, and do our best for customers with the greatest possible! 



Address: No. 862, Panyu Road, Fuwan Industrial Park, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province


Fuzhou Jing’An Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

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